Run for the Gecko, 2015 - runningzone
The Run for the Gecko 5k and Hawaiian Luau was held at BCC in Melbourne on May 9, 2015. The links at the right will help you
navigate through the 1800+ photos. Remember, the finish clock shows the race time which may be slower than your chip time.
Photographic services were provided by Barry Jones at TriHokie Images. Doug Carroll handled handled photos on the course
and candids. Prints are offered by the Running Zone Foundation at a deep discount and all images are free to download. You are
welcome to have downloaded images printed at your favorite lab. To download the photo, simply click the "Save Photo" icon that
pops up when you mouse over the photo. Note: this is not the same as right clicking the "save image" option on your browser.
Start, Cam 1
Start, Cam 2
Course, front-third
Course, mid-third
Course, back-third
Finish 16:00
kids cam 1
kids cam 2

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